Book Review: “Six Months Later”


This book is great for people who enjoy suspense.

Jesten Richardson, Staff Reporter

“Six Months Later” by Natalie D. Richards is a fantastic book, and, in my opinion, it deserves every one of the five stars that I hereby bestow upon it. The story starts out interestingly enough to catch a reader’s attention right away with the main character Chloe showing her devotion to her friend Maggie by pulling a fire alarm in the middle of a particularly gruesome speech and sending the school into chaos. After receiving a fairly unsurprising punishment, Chloe is stuck in study hall, where, to her disbelief, studying is actually occurring due to the nearness of the end of the current school year. Chloe, forever the procrastinator, decides that thoughts of her crumbling GPA can be reserved for the weekend and/or the study group that she will attend that afternoon. Without much resistance Chloe drifts off, and then wakes up with a feeling that something isn’t right. The whole plot is set in motion when she sees the first specs of snow falling, and realizes that she has woken up six months later.

One of the best things about this book was the suspense; it took off from the moment that Chloe woke up. There was an almost eerie feeling that came with reading this book because of how bizarre everything was. The storyline would have been creepy enough with just the loss of the six months, but it wasn’t left at that; the completely different version of Chloe’s life was definitely something that drew me further into the story. Chloe went to sleep as a somewhat mediocre student, but was met with exceedingly high SAT scores upon waking up. Chloe also went to sleep having a best friend named Maggie, but she and Maggie couldn’t even stand in the same room with each other after the switch. As if these two abnormalities weren’t uncomfortable enough, Chloe woke up with the school’s poster-boy, a boy that she had always admired, as her boyfriend, but felt less comfortable around him than the delinquent that she had never even spared much time to think about, which suddenly demanded her attention. These changes brought the story to life as Chloe was forced to pretend that she belonged in them while she pursued increasingly dangerous leads concerning her time lapse and discovered that nothing was as it seemed, including the people that she had allowed herself to trust.