My Time in Newspaper

Hannah Tomes, Editor

I’ve taken newspaper for the past three years and I’ve enjoyed this class so much. Unfortunately, next semester I have to switch to an English class so I will no longer get to write or edit stories. I thought for my final story I would talk about my time in newspaper and how it has affected my high school experience.

My sophomore year I chose Journalism as my main elective. I didn’t really know what I would be doing in the class but I knew writing was what I was interested in. After the first week our class merged with the newspaper class because it was so small, so the other new kids and I got to start interviewing people and writing stories. I remember one of our first assignments was to interview a teacher and I was so nervous, but now I have interviewed so many different people it doesn’t bother me anymore. I have written a total of 68 stories over the past three years including this one which is so crazy to me. My writing has definitely changed a lot since the first story I ever wrote and it has gotten a lot better. Besides improving my writing this class has also helped me make lots of new friends and step out of my comfort zone a little bit. I also won the journalism award in 2018 which was really cool because it was my first time getting to go to the awards ceremony!

My sophomore year there were a few seniors in the class that were editors and I remember thinking they were so important and experienced, so it feels weird that I went from being a reporter to a co-editor my junior year and now I am finally an editor my senior year. This is a great thing to put on scholarship applications so it has really benefitted me. I’ve been interested in journalism for a long time and I think part of the reason why is because it runs in the family. My dad was part of his school newspaper throughout high school and even college. He got a job working for the Herald Dispatch when he was a senior in high school and he went on to graduate from Marshall with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism. He loved being a reporter but after a few years he had to move on to bigger things in life because the salary wasn’t enough to keep him going. I’ve always seen myself doing something similar to that but unfortunately in today’s world journalism is a declining industry. I don’t know yet where my future is going to take me or if I will even have a career in journalism, but I will never lose my love for writing.

If you’re in newspaper right now or if you’re reading this and you’ve never taken it, you should definitely consider taking it next year! It is so worth it and Ms. Hayes is a great teacher. I’ve had a lot of fun and made so many good memories in this class. I’m really going to miss it and it will forever be an important part of my high school experience.