Honor Roll Students Receive Reward for Academics



Students were shown the movie “The Sandlot”, a 90’s classic centered around a group of baseball obsessed boys.

Elisabet Gudjonsdottir, Staff Reporter

Being on honor roll is something many students strive for every nine weeks. Although not everyone makes the cut, those who did the last nine weeks, which are sophomores, juniors and seniors got to watch a movie in the auditorium Nov. 3.

Many students thought getting out of class for being on honor roll was a lot of fun, but others thought it was a waste of their time.

“I think that it was pretty stupid because almost anyone can make honor roll,” said junior Bailey McKemy. “I could have done things like talk to my friends or just relax by myself.”

The sophomores, juniors and seniors watched a classic, “The Sandlot,” and although some students might have chosen differently, many students enjoyed it.

“I liked the movie a lot; it’s a classic that everyone should enjoy,” said sophomore Nate Dunlap. “Although, it would have been nice to watch a new movie of some sort.”

Being on honor roll is very important for some students at Cabell Midland, and some set it as a goal every nine weeks so they can participate in watching the movie.

“I set it as my goal to make honor roll each nine weeks; so far, it has gone very well,” said McKemy. “The main reason I do it is so I can watch the movie with all my friends.”

Watching a movies is something that a lot of people like to do. Although, given the choice some would like do something else.

“I don’t really like watching a movie; I would have preferred to do something else useful, maybe something educational like some sort of field trip,” said sophomore Mason Elam.

Making honor roll is something that a student should be proud of, and getting to watch a movie for doing well in school is a perk that every student on honor roll should appreciate.

“I really hope that I make honor roll again because I really appreciate getting to watch the movie,” said Dunlap.