Vince Carter Plays His Last Game at Madison Square Garden


Dean Neal, Reporter

The 42 year old Vince Carter is in his last NBA season. This is his 22nd season in the NBA. On Tuesday 12/17/19 he played his last game at Madison Square Garden.

The Madison Square Garden is a very popular arena. It’s the arena for the New York Knicks. But it’s also favored because there are a lot of concerts and other stuff that go on at the Garden. Vince made his debut at the Garden back on Feb 16, 1999.

The Knicks won tuesday against Vince and the Hawks, the score was 143-120.

Vince had 15 points in 24 minutes. He drilled 5 threes.

This was a special moment for Vince, at the beginning of the game Vince got a standing ovation from the fans at Madison Square Garden.

The Hawks are 6-22 and the Knicks are now 7-21.

Hawks point guard Trae Young had 42 points in this game, and Knicks rookie RJ Barrett had a career high 27 points.

Even though Vince is 42 and in his 22nd season, he is still having a great year. He’s averaging 6 points in 16 minutes.

Everyone is excited to see what Vince does after his basketball career is over.