A Word from the Editor

Elizabeth Simmons, Editor

As one of the editors for the school’s online newspaper, I’ve learned a few things that my peers don’t often know about or often overlook when considering their stories and have decided to attempt and encourage my fellow writers to incorporate some new aspects to their stories. This is not to critique, only help those on the Medieval Times staff, and I hope this list proves helpful and beneficial!

Use Different Grade Levels for Interviews

When interviewing and writing a piece, never keep all of your quotes from one singular grade level. That’s not gaining a variety of perspectives, that’s gaining the perspective of one singular age group and not branching out. You shouldn’t interview the same people for every story, either! It makes reading your work more boring and it seems like you’re not trying very hard with your work.

Don’t use excessive punctuation, but don’t be afraid of it, either

Adding five exclamation points after a sentence doesn’t make me think you’re enthusiastic about something. It makes me have to delete four exclamation points. Also, if you think there needs to be a pause between words when reading aloud, you need a comma. Every single time, I guarantee it.

Write About Something You Actually Care About

When reading a story about something you don’t care about, it’s easy to figure it out. You’re not enthusiastic, your words are choppy, and you have a maximum of one hundred words. That’s not what you want to put out for the world to read from you.

Your Picture is Cute, but it Doesn’t Go in the Story

Please, always include pictures, it makes things more interesting. However, don’t slap it at the beginning or end of your story. It goes in the little section called “Featured Image.” This way, it won’t look crazy on the website and everyone will be able to see your beautiful pictures!

The Categories Have Meaning!

Although each story is sorted into “uncategorized” already, there shouldn’t be any stories left in this category. The other categories should also have different types of stories within them. Entertainment should include anything about new tech, music, movies, books, social media, etc. Sports is for anything sports-related, inside or outside of Midland. News is for the big news going on at the school or in the world. School-related is solely for things that only apply to the school as a whole. Features are reserved for some of our top stories with the most feedback received. Audio is for any story that is submitted in an mp3. Video is for a vlog. However, there are 2 categories that are incredibly specific. Showcase is reserved for things relative to Midland that are exceptional. Archive is simply for old stories that have been retired.


I hope this helps the staff understand our newspaper a little better! Best wishes over Christmas break and next semester, everyone!