Teachers Give Advice on How to Prevent Getting Sick


Damon Linville

One way teachers recommend students fight winter illness is to keep hands clean and sanitized.

Kanyon Nelson, Staff Reporter

With the cold weather here, many viruses and sicknesses are coming into the area and with a school of over 1800 students, teachers are preventing sickness as much as they can.
“I clean all of my desks, boards and tables routinely,” said math and education teacher Miranda Gaydosz. “I always try to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in my classroom, as well as tissues.”
Places like the Huntington Health Department offer free flu shots, and urgent cares like Med Express offer on the spot appointments for these shots.
“I make sure to get a flu shot every year, just to prepare in case the school, or anyone for that matter gets sick,” said math teacher Rachel Luther. “I go through the standard cleaning my desks, making sure everything is sanitary whenever students come in.”
While some students use allergy relief medicines or other medications to heal colds, gym teacher Bill Meadows advises that participating in multiple activities helps just as well.
“I have not missed a day of school due to sickness in over 5 years here at Cabell Midland,” said Meadows. “I am a gym teacher. My job requires me to stay active with my students, and taking a gym class or staying active will help you prevent sickness.”
Sicknesses like the flu have been taken more serious in West Virginia according to a study by the West Virginia Sentinel Providers. The study showed that people are paying more attention to the flu and taking further steps in prevention to stop the illness than in previous years.
“We have our gym classes shoot basketball, ride spinning bikes and use kettle bells,” said Meadows. “I used many of these exercises to stay healthy. I firmly believe in these exercises and they help out in not only fighting illnesses, but building up resistance in the immune system to prevent them.”