Los Angeles OUE Skyspace



Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

Los Angeles has many wonders, and is home to the unique, daring, and confident. Every day, the hustle and bustle of city life can become stressful, and one exciting escape to visit would be the OUE Skyspace. The building qualifies as the second tallest building in Los Angeles. Visit the great wonders of the tower including the famous sky slide and balcony.

The ground level of the building is a bank, but to the left are a set of stairs to travel to the area to purchase tickets for the slide, and attraction. Even though prices can be very expensive, $25 for general admission plus $8 to ride the sky slide. You ride an elevator from levels 1-54 and on that level you will walk through a colourful hallway of Los Angeles’s history of entertainment. Next, you will climb floors 54-71 in an elevator to the sky slide.

The sky slide of the skyspace is a fully enclosed glass slide almost 1,000 ft above Los Angeles. Coming off the slide you will land on the balcony where you can take pictures, sit, look at Los Angeles, or go inside and take a seat at the sky bar. There are also more things to see on the level of the balcony where you can make a souvenir pressed penny, access restrooms, and “perfect selfie” machines (basically where you stand in front of a screen and chose a background to take a selfie in front of). You can stay in the building until closing time at 10pm.

Whether you want to see Los Angeles from plane height, or want to ride the famous slide, the sky tower is a breathtaking attraction for all to enjoy.