My Time in Minnesota

Mckenna Nixon, Reporter

For Christmas break I went to my mom’s house in Minnesota and got to hang out with her side of the family. Yes, I missed my family here in WV, but it felt good to go to Minnesota for Christmas where there was actually snow. I did have to help shovel the driveway a few times, though.

While at my mom’s, we went to the movies and I took a few walks to nearby parks. It may have been 14° and there were a few inches of snow on the ground, but it was well worth it. The movie we say was “Jumanji: The Next Level” and I would 11/10 recommend seeing this movie.

For my big Christmas present from my mom and stepdad, we went to the Mall of America and I got to pick out my own pair of cowgirl boots. I have been wanting my own pair for a few years and I finally got them. So, for the first day back to school, I wore them to show them off. 

The weekend before school started back up, we came back to WV and got to open up our presents here and I loved everything I got. I was super excited for school to start back up again so I can see my friends and finish up senior year!