The Basement with Buster and Blower

Chase Blower, Reporter

Reality Corporation, ran by Buster Lacau and Chase Blower, has quickly became the hottest YouTube account at Cabell Midland and in our area. Reality Corporation, since August, has had thousands of views and gained many subscribers and fans.

Their success can be contributed to their hit show, “The Basement.” The Basement is a video podcast giving unique perspective on topics and ideas comparable to the Joe Rogan Podcast. Many students have been featured on the show including Harper Haney, President Will Turman, Noah Adkins, etc.

The Basement has also featured many Cabell Midland alumni including Garrett Wiseman, Rowdy Snider, and Jackson Hussell-Davis. However their biggest guest to this point has to be Master Sergeant Matthew Williams. Master Sergeant Williams recently received the medal of honor from President Trump in October for his heroism of saving multiple lives in Iraq. The Basement continues to give fans and viewers an enjoyable podcast with interesting ideals and point of views. The Basement and Reality Corporation are bound for greatness.