The Effect of Heavy Book Bags on Students

The Effect of Heavy Book Bags on Students

Jeffrey Jezewski, Reporter

Book bags are designed to hold books and notebooks for your student. Not to hold your 50 pound, 5000 page History books or any books of that matter. I’m a student at  Cabell Midland High School and I feel like i have back problems.  Now that could be from many things but I think personally it is cause from a heavy book bag.

Logan Bledsoe says that his book bag breaks his back and that he carries three hugged books.

Jack Eastone says that he can’t stand to carry his book bag and he wishes that books didn’t exist.

We must hear out or students and respect the way the feel. Heavy book bags might be the problem that students have back problems. School have to change the way the give they give their students information mabey piece by peice with documents of the book that don’t cause the student problems with carrying it, Also a locker is 5 dollars and i think that each student should be given instead of have to pay for a locker.