Morgan Nelson, Reporter

For some, working is a way to get out of doing something, like, for instance, homework for school and/or a class that you are in.

Many people, young and older have put off things by working. If you have a job, you may know the stresses and advantages of it. Stressors are not being able to go and hang out with your friends and absolutely no free time. Especially if you’re working almost everyday, every week. Since you don’t have time to hang and or go out with your friends, then you may not be able to do homework or anything for a class or school in general.

Working is not as bad as some people think it is. But, it depends on what kind of job that you may have. Like, for example maybe a job that is hands on like construction or maybe even the job of a beautician, standing all day and running to get hair colors and/or scissors or towels for the client. Construction, running throughout the site of whatever is being built and building and or going over what is to be built on the land. Another job that is very hands on is jewelry maker or a painter. They both work long hours and work with their hands to make pieces of art that might and are worth a lot so they have to make everything so specific to please the client and or buyer.

Overall working is something that you can do to earn money, get out of certain assignments and things that were supposed to get done. But it doesn’t prevent the inevitable, doing everything that’s listed above, it just pushes those back on your agenda.