Tobias Harris Big Night vs Nets


Dean Neal, Reporter

Last night 1/15/2020 the Brooklyn Nets visited the Philadelphia 76ers. The 76ers won the game 117-106. This was only the third game back for Nets point guard Kyrie Irving after his  shoulder injury that kept him out since November 10th.

In this game the all star point guard Kyrie Irving had 14 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 assist. But shot 6-21 in 37 minutes. And after the game Kyrie had some words to say on the team.”I mean, it’s transparent. It’s out there. It’s glaring, in terms of the pieces that we need in order to be at that next level,It’s just something that we signed up for. We knew what we were coming into at the beginning of this season. Guys were going down left and right for us. Garrett Temple is out, DeAndre Jordan just got hurt tonight, Wilson Chandler is just coming back. We have complementary young guys as well that have done a great job the last three years. Collectively, I feel like we have great pieces, but it’s pretty glaring we need one more piece or two more pieces that will complement myself, Kevin Durant, DJ, GT,Spencer Dinwiddie , Caris LeVert, and we’ll see how that evolves.”

Tobias Harris had a very good and efficient game for the 76ers. he had 34 points, 10 rebounds, and 3 assist. He also hit the clutch shots to seal the win for the 76ers. He did all of this in 35 minutes.

This is a very good win for the 76ers considering the fact that Joel Embiid is still injured. He’s missed the last 4 games with a torn radial collateral ligament in the fourth metacarpal in his left hand.

The 76ers are 26-16 and 6th in the Eastern Conference. The Nets are 18-22 and 8th in the Eastern Conference.

The 76ers hope that they can start a winning streak with this win and the Nets hope to get back on track.