B-U Archery Tournament

Mckenna Nixon, Reporter

Last Saturday, January 11th, the Cabell Midland Archery Team went to Buckhannon-Upshur for their annual invitational tournament. The bus ride was definitely one to remember, three hours long…one way. The Buckhannon-Upshur tournament is always fun and one most new recruits remember, it is just like every other tournament but this one seems to always bring us all together and show more sportsmanship toward other teams.

“The team overall did very well!” said senior Elizabeth Simmons. They took second place high school which leaves room for improvement while placing all at the same time. They were only four points away from first place! Some things that could give the team those for extra points would be to “practice” said Simmons and to “slow down,” said sophomore Carson Rhoades, “and practice form.”

One special thing about this tournament is that you get a special reward from the host coach if you get a 50 and this encourages archers to want to get a 50 more than they already do. In the end, this tournament is always a fun, long trip that everyone seems to enjoy and can’t wait to go again next year but all of the seniors had to say goodbye this year and get ready to move on with their life. If you haven’t found an extracurricular activity and need one for next year, sign up for archery and I hope you enjoy it if you do!