December Student of the Issue: Whitlee Clagg


Alyssa Russel

Senior Whitlee Clagg shines as an important member of both the FFA and archery team.

Alyssa Russell, Staff Reporter

Students at Cabell Midland are often the types to strive for success. Though there are students who walk the halls that are more successful than others, and to some it comes natural.
Senior Whitlee Clagg has gone above and beyond this year as she takes on two new leadership roles.
“Whitlee is a really good leader,” said sophomore Nik Ferrell. “She is the president of the school’s FFA, and one of the four captains of the archery team. She really makes everyone feel like they belong on the team. She’s patient, kind and she always knows how to make people laugh.”
According to junior Chelcy Harvey, Clagg is very grateful for what she has, and she shows that by keeping her cool even when the times get rough.
“Whitlee is always calm, cool and collected,” said Harvey. “She is really kind, and that’s a good thing. She manages to get the job done without raising her voice. She attempts to keep conflict out of the FFA leaders meetings, and when a problem arises she handles it. She is a person I really respect because she knows what needs to be done and how to do it. I think these actions really show how grateful she is for her position as president.”
Clagg has already had a very successful year at Cabell Midland.
“The success feels great,” said Clagg. “Senior year has been full of awesome moments for me, first I found out I was FFA President, and then the archery team voted me as a captain. It feels good to be chosen as the Student of the Issue as well.”
Clagg is a jack of all trades. She took on show choir her freshman year, then she picked up archery and joined the FFA.
Clagg has many achievements and memories from Cabell Midland, and according to Ferrell, she helps create lasting memories.
“She is a little crazy,” said Ferrell. “She knows how to make everyone around her positive while being an excellent leader. She’s done a lot of different things since joining Midland, and she gets along with all of the groups in the school. She really can take on anything and be successful. It’s been an awesome year with her on the team, and this year is going to be bitter sweet because she leaves at the end of it. I do have a lot of awesome memories though.”