Wheeling Archery Tournament


Mckenna Nixon and Elizabeth Simmons

This past weekend, January 25th, the Cabell Midland Archery Team went to Wheeling Park High School for a tournament. One way it took nearly 4 hours to get from one place to the next, not counting stopping for food.

On the way up there was singing, people playing Mario kart, and everyone just getting along and excited to get to the tournament, we also stopped at Chick-Fil-A for lunch. Once we got to the school, we got set up and waited for our turn to shoot. We shot at 5 and 6 PM. The team did not place, but there were a few 50s and this tournament had special 50 pins that showed how proud the hosting school was. There were a few individuals from other schools that received 100 pins also which means they got two 50s while shooting and got both the special 50 pin and 100 pin.

The trip home seemed a lot longer than the trip up, but we were all tired and ready to go home. We did not get back to the school until 1:30 and even got a police escort from the Wendy’s in Milton all the way to the school. Everyone enjoyed the trip, even though it was terribly long, and had a blast with their archery family.

Senior Captain, Elizabeth Simmons, said, “this was one of my favorite tournaments yet! It was a long ride, but it was worth the fun we had while at the tournament.” The ride was incredibly long, of course, but many students found this as potential to bond with members of the team they hadn’t previously had the chance to converse with often.

The team even had 2 members place! Sophomore, Ramiro Jiminez, placed sixth in high school males. Logan Jordan, freshman, placed sixth in female high school. Congratulations to these two top-performers on our team!

The team’s next tournament isn’t until February fifteenth, where they will be shooting the Elkview Middle Shoot, hosted at Marshall University. This will be the closest one other than at Midland itself! Admission is typically five dollars and everyone is welcome to come support the team!