Clinicals Family and Friend Phlebotomy Night

Amber Mount, Reporter

At Cabell Midland, the patient care technician class with be hosting a family and friends night to stick 50 people each to get their phlebotomy certificates. The days they will be hosting is Feb 10, Feb 24, and March 3.

Each day is on a Monday and the event will last from 5-9. We will have food provided and you can come in anytime between those hours. If you are willing to be stuck and you are under 18, you will need an orange minor liability form which is provided in the clinical class that you will have to have your parent sign. If you are over 18 and go to Cabell Midland, you need a blue liability form that you will sign and have a parent note that allows you to be stuck. If you are outside of Midland and 18 or over, you will need the same blue form that you will have to sign. We hope to get many people to come in, if you have any questions ask Becca Adkins, Amy Ward, or any of the clinical students.