Life Updates with Mads: Part Two

Maddy Price, Reporter

Guess who’s back and has an odd motivation to write daily blogs? Okay, maybe motivation is a strong word to use, but I have a 0 in newspaper, so I have to post more. Since no one has heard from me in over month, I’ll give you the rundown.

During break, all I did was work because some psychopath decided to hit my car. I was forced to be subjected to ride the bus and was ticked. ┬áMy car was in the shop for a little over a month, but now it’s back thankfully. I’m also trying this new diet to lose weight for prom and it’s actually not terrible. Anyways, I’m now thriving and ready to end this final semester of my senior year. I’m trying to stay out of trouble and be my best authentic self for 2020. I’ll keep you guys updated!