My Bachelor Review


Maddy Price, Reporter

I like Peter, don’t get me wrong but these girls are not it. Hannah Ann’s only personality trait is a champagne stealer who gets all the attention. Stealing Peter three times while my girl Shiann got him for 30 seconds the first night is just dirty. Hannah Ann getting the first impression rose isn’t surprising because Peter is known for liking the most basic, spineless women.

My favorite so far has to be Victoria F. because viewers can relate to her more and she seems very authentic to herself. Madison going with Peter to his parents’ vow ceremony was precious and their bond seemed so natural. She’s my second pick for my favorite girls in the running. ¬†However, I’m anxious to see how Kelsey can regain her image back after being called out by one of Peter’s favorites, Hannah Ann. I think Kelsey is far from a bully but allegations can easily send her home if she’s not careful. My hope for next week is that Peter realizes to just follow his heart to Victoria F. of course!