Anarkali Indian Restaurant


Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

Los Angeles is a world within the world. It contains many varieties of foods, cultures, people, and other things. If you are a curious eater, you would love Anarkali Indian Restaurant. The restaurant offers exquisite Indian cuisine with classic foods such as chicken tikka masala, and tandoori chicken. You will have a great sit down immersion into the Indian culture. It is perfect for a date night, family night, or if you are just looking for something new!

First you will start with an appetizer, chips offered with three different spicy dips to try. You can order almost any Indian food off of the menu. There are many options ranging from small meals, to large dinners for a whole table. One of the most popular Indian dishes, chicken tikka masala is chicken in a savoury curry sauce, and it is delicious. Mostly served as the chicken breast, the sauce satisfies your craving for spicy food. Another popular and special dish, tandoori chicken is made in a complex and interesting process. Marinated in greek yogurt, and roasted in a clay oven, tandoori chicken is delectable when eaten with or without rice.

With every meal you can order rice and eat your food however you prefer. Naan bread is also included as a well known Indian custom. For those who love to explore, particularly in the field of food, you should give Indian food a try, these dishes are popular across the spectrum.