Everybody Deserves “A Night To Shine”


Photo Credit- https://www.surreynowleader.com/news/special-night-to-shine-prom-planned-in-surrey-sponsored-by-tim-tebow-foundation/

Meredith Mears, Reporter

On Friday, February 7, thousands around the world celebrated Tim Tebow’s “A Night To Shine.” A Night To Shine is a prom-like dance where anyone ages 14 and up can come and just be themselves. This dance is geared to those who have intellectual and developmental differences, it is hosted by The Tim Tebow Foundation.

A Night To Shine even locally had an event in our town. The dance was at Christ Temple Church this year.  Not only did Christ Temple provide space for the dance and food, but they also had amazing volunteers who provided free makeup, hairstyling, clothing, jewelry, and even shoe shining for their guests. The dance also allowed people of all ages to connect and let loose for one night.  The dance made sure to arrange dates for their guests to give it more of that prom-like feel.

The dance couldn’t have been done without the support of the community, this year Christ Temple had 450 volunteers and 250 parents that were involved. Christ Temple has been hosting this event for 5 years and each year it gets bigger and bigger. This year they reached a total of over 1,000 people.

The dance has already seen some regulars. Some say they even start planning all about next year on the ride home after the dance. This goes to show you that this dance is very impactful and important to those who just want to get out to have some fun.

At the end of the day, A Night To Shine gives people with special needs a chance to be themselves in a safe and comfortable space. They also have the chance to dance and let loose without feeling like they are going to be judged, just how Tim Tebow wanted it to be.