Snow Days

Mckenna Nixon, Reporter

On February 7th, Cabell County Schools had an unexpected snow day. Most teachers were not prepared and did not hand out NTID assignments, but they posted them on Schoology. If your teacher did not give you an assignment, it is more than likely already on schoology, ready for you to start working. NTID assignments are always due 2 weeks after the snow day in order for those without internet at home to get it printed at school and or use school time wisely to complete this assignment.

Snow days are always fun, especially in West Virginia because it doesn’t snow often, so most kids want to go outside and play rather than sit in the house and work on school work that isn’t going to be taken seriously. Generally, the NTID assignment is something easy so you can still go out and enjoy the snow for the day and sometimes you get a three day weekend because of the snow day. So, go out and enjoy it!

I hope everyone enjoyed their first snow day of the 2019-2020 school year and keep on doing those snow dances for more to come.