Senior Superlatives


As this week begins, the senior superlatives have been voted on and decided. The superlatives include:

-Most Likely to get Married: Jackson Oxley and Mikayla Ferguson

– Best Bromance: Teirdin Berry and Logan Gill

-Couple that Never Was: Harper Haney and Drew Cutler

-Best Friends: Maddie Ayers and Jordan McCoy

-Most Likely to Trip at Graduation: Natalie Early, Carlee Lusher, and Hunter Neibergall

-Worse Case of Senioritis: Kylie Smith and Grant Herrenkohl

-Most Talented: Alex McGinnis and Natalie Eastone

-Social Butterfly: Doug Melton and Rachel Swanson
-Most Unique: Eric Cremeans and Brooke Powers

– Most Athletic: JJ Roberts and Emilie Charles

-Best to Bring Home to Mom: Kailey Grueser and Jacob Vannostrand

-Most Changed: Tyler Irwin and Gabbi Carter

-Best Hair: Christian Taylor and Hannah Eves

-Heartthrobs: Spencer Toy and Julie Shannon

-Most Likely to be President: Will Turman and Savannah Scaggs

-Most School Spirit: Skylar Adkins and Kaden Salmons

-Most Likely to go Viral: Reagan Light and Masden Ball

Congrats to all of the winners, until next time!