Chase Blower’s Top Ten Classes at CMHS


Chase Blower, Reporter

These are my top ten classes at Cabell Midland based solely on curriculum and work. This has nothing to do with the teacher and the class must be a core class (S.S., Science, Math, and English).

10.Geometry/Math II

Comment: I like shapes yah know.

9.Math III Stem Honors

Comment: This class has since retired, but won’t be forgotten. Had this class with President Turman.

8. DC Trig

Comment: I like the triangles yah know.

7. Forensics

Comment: Very enjoyable to learn about the science behind criminal law

6. Physics

Comment: A lot of people do not enjoy physics. I’ve only been in the class for a month but so far highly enjoy it.

5. AP Government and Politics

Comment: The class really shines when debating politics and social issues.

4. AP Computer Science

Comment: Learning to program is an awesome experience. Very Fun

3.World History

Comment: The History of the ancient world never disappoints.

2. AP Statistics

Comment: A very enjoyable and useful math class. I highly enjoyed this class.

1.AP U.S. History

Comment: What can I say? I like U.S. History.