Top 5 Destinations In The U.S. For Spring Break

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Meredith Mears, Reporter

As we are only a month out until spring break, some families are still left wondering where to go for the perfect place to visit this spring break. For Cabell County Schools, this year spring break is from March 23-27th and it matches up with Marshall University’s spring break as well. This spring break is the perfect time to get out and explore the world. Here are my top 5 destinations that will make your spring break memorable.

1.) Disney World/Land

Both amusement parks offer great family fun with tons of rides, stores, and restaurants. There is something for everyone at Disney. Though Disney can be expensive, there are several deal websites and cost friendly accommodations to fit your family’s needs. Disney is family friendly as well, so even families with young children are welcome to come too and will still be able to have fun. With several hotel options to meet your standards and a variety of rides, how can anyone say no this destination?

2.)  The Beach

The beach is a common destination for many families over break. With the yucky weather here in West Virginia, I wouldn’t blame those who are wanting to go to enjoy the beach. I would recommend going to a beach in southern Florida during this time of year if you are wanting to actually swim in the ocean due to the warmer weather there. Places like Myrtle or Hilton Head are mostly likely going to be too cold to swim, though walking on the beach is great alternative for these destinations if you are planning on staying in the Carolina’s.

3.) Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is a great place to go for spring break, especially if you are wanting to go on an educational trip. In D.C., there are many museums like the Smithsonian. Families can learn a lot about history and civics when visiting D.C. Sightseeing is very popular here with tourist attractions like The White House, Washington Monument, and The Lincoln Memorial to name a few. If you are thinking about traveling here, remember to bring a good pair of shoes because you will doing a lot of walking.

4.) New York

New York City is a very popular tourist spot among many.  There is so much to do and see in New York. Times Square and The Statue Of Liberty are a must see in NYC. It also isn’t uncommon to walk around the busy streets of New York as well. Seeing a broadway musical or play would be a fun activity for the family too. There is always something to do in New York and if you get bored try checking out Central Park.

5.) Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the perfect place for families who are into movies and t.v. with sights like Universal Studios and The Hollywood Sign there is so much to offer in L.A. The Hollywood Walk Of Fame is also a fun pastime for families to walk around and point out some of their favorite stars. Their is also multiple beaches in L.A and even a Santa Monica Pier to just relax and have fun by going shopping,playing carnival games, and eating some yummy food.