CMHS Archery Invitational


Mckenna Nixon, Reporter

The Cabell Midland Archery Team is having their annual invitational tomorrow, Saturday the 22, at the school. Every year, a multitude of schools come from Ohio, Kentucky, and, of course, West Virginia to shoot at our tournament. The team itself goes to many other tournaments throughout the school year, but their favorite is the one they host.

Admission is $5 per person and parents, family, and friends come to watch the students shoot and do the best they can. We have concessions, vendors, and plenty of students willing to help anyone that needs it. Some of the vendors this year include t-shirts, earrings, car decals, cupcakes, and more! For all of the new archers on the CMHS archery team, this is a great experience for everyone. Parents enjoy coming and volunteering to help the team earn more money, have a good time, and support the other teams that come to help support us. We also get to show off our new quivers made by myself and captain Elizabeth Simmons for our passion project in Distinguished Scholars.

The longest part of the whole tournament is setting up and cleaning up, and it’s fun to see everyone work together and get it set up.

In the end, though, it is all worth it. Due to it being a self-funded team, this tournament helps us more than anything, it also brings the team closer together before states and nationals.