Senior Trip Ideas


Mckenna Nixon, Reporter

Seniors, you have 3 months left, can you believe it? Every year, students like to plan senior trips with their friends and families. Spring Break is coming at the end of next month so here are some ideas if you haven’t planned a senior trip already:

  • Road trip- Have you ever wanted to go somewhere with your friends that none of you have been to? Well now is the time to go! Save up some money and go for a ride to who knows where. Road trips are always interesting; singing at the top of your lungs, windows down, and going places you’ve never been before. In the end, you will have seen new places, tried new foods, and had a blast with your friends during spring break of senior year of high school.
  • Go to the beach- yes, the beach is normally a summertime trip, but during spring break the weather won’t be too hot, or too cold, it’ll be the perfect time to go to the beach and be able try visit other things at the beach besides the water and sand, go to Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach, go mini-golfing without feeling uncomfortable, etc.
  • Go to an amusement park- Even if someone doesn’t like amusement parks, there is generally something for everyone. Take Kings Island for example, they have a theater, rides, carnival games, roller coasters, and an Eiffel Tower to overlook the entire park!