Archery Invitational Update!


Mckenna Nixon, Reporter

On Saturday February 22, the Cabell Midland Archery Team had their annual invitational where schools from throughout the state came to participate. Students and coaches didn’t only come to be a part of the competition but to also have fun, hang out, and get some merchandise, cupcakes, or even shoot the 3D shoot. The 3D shoot had a target turkey and boar to shoot at and if you hit the red dot, you automatically got a raffle ticket! Towards the end of the tournament, the 3D shoot became a tic-tac-toe board to see who could win at archery tic-tac-toe.

There were also two tables that included cupcakes, earrings, T-shirt’s, keychains, and car decals. The cupcakes included 8 flavors to choose from that everyone seemed to enjoy and beg for money to get a one… or two. The table with the merchandise had everyone taking a second glance and running to their parents for money. All in all everyone seemed to enjoy having these vendors here to remember that they participated in Cabell Midland’s Archery Invitational.

When it came down to the awards, two of CMHS’ archery team members placed in the top 5 girls’ and boys’ divisions for high school and we couldn’t be prouder. The team as a whole placed second – only 22 points away from Buckhannon-Upshur High School. Everyone did really well considering the fact barely anyone got home before 10pm the night before due to helping set up for the tournament the next morning.

I’m very proud of the progress this team has made and how close we are to beating Buckhannon-Upshur each tournament, just need to push a little further to get to the top and win states!