How Community Service Has Shaped My Character


Vacation Bible School 2019 With My Preschool Group. Emojis Used For Confidentiality/Privacy.

Meredith Mears

Growing up I was always shy and reserved. I was never the type to speak out, but I had a caring personality.   It wasn’t until high school when I realized I could use community service to not only help others but to come out of my shell. Once I got my required ten hours for graduation there was no stopping me, I wanted to keep going and make an impact on my community by helping the most vulnerable. I made it my mission to help others by contributing to small and large projects to help all aspects of life from children, adults, to even those recovering from addiction.  

As someone shy, I found it easier to connect to children. One of the biggest projects I contributed to was Vacation Bible School. I was able to teach and serve the gospel to young children. During this, I had to learn to take control and be a leader. Vacation Bible School opened up the door for me to realize that teaching is my passion. As always I wanted to do more, so I contacted my local library to help with their activity and summer lunch program. I was able to pass out lunches to needy children and interact with the children. I also was able to teach young readers at the library as well. I learned that children are our future, we must invest in them while they are young to build functional adults for the future.

Likewise, I didn’t only work with children, but I also worked with adults too. Through my church, I helped with the donation process of The Eccho Food Pantry. I learned the value of service and the impact of helping others who may not even have the bare necessities to live without the community’s help. I even helped out with a community auction and pancake dinner. I learned basic customer service skills that helped me land more community service opportunities.

Most importantly with community service, I learned to have empathy for others. I learned through volunteering for the Prestera’s Holiday Party the struggles families go through when battling addiction. I learned how strong you have to be to overcome addiction. Though at the party I served the guests meals, helped pass out gifts to the children, and helped clean up afterward, I learned the impact we make on others if far too important. I learned to go the extra mile. In my Early Childhood Education Academy classes each year we participate in buying and wrapping gifts for families who otherwise wouldn’t have a Christmas. By lending a hand in these two projects I learned to not judge and to understand. We all are going through something and some just need a helping hand.

As a result, community service has led me to the person I am today. I have become an empathetic person, understanding, a leader, and a hard worker with a more outgoing personality. Without community service, I wouldn’t be half the person I am today or who I aspire to be. Thanks to community service I am planning on being a Speech Pathologist to give others a voice, just like I have now!