Corona Breakout and Expectations

Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

As we all know, the Corona Virus has recently broken out among the countries of the world, and has wreaked havoc everywhere. Many expect the virus to die out by the time warm weather hits while others disagree. Our current understanding of the virus is that this is another version of the flu. An untamed strand without a cure.

Travel between many European and Asian countries continues to become more and more restricted as time passes. Doctors are working diligently to cure cases, and find a path for prevention. Even though it is unfortunate, the virus has only killed approximately 2,800 people so far, and compared to the 7.7 billion people on Earth the number is insignificant, but growing.

Italy has temporarily banned travel from the US, and to the US. South Korea’s cases of COVID-19 are growing, and travel to and from US states such as Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts has been banned as well for the time being. Recently, cases in the US have been growing, but are few. There can only be hope for the future though.

Many ways you can aid in the prevention of spreading illnesses would include frequent handwashing, definitely after using the restroom, when preparing food, and maybe after doing something you usually wouldn’t wash your hands after such as grocery shopping. You can wear masks in public, and layer up clothing out in cold conditions.

Illness prevention is as important as keeping informed on the outbreak situation, and we can all only hope for the virus to break up in a few months time.