Job Shadowing: Should it be Re-Introduced Into Cabell County?

Job Shadowing: Should it be Re-Introduced Into Cabell County?

Elizabeth Simmons, Editor

Job shadowing is no longer a requirement for graduation in Cabell County. Just a few years ago, students had to spend at least a day with a person on the job, gaining experience of what it was like to work every day. Now, the only requirement similar to this is the ten require hours of community service.

I personally entered a group in my freshman year called Distinguished Scholars which requires a total of 100 community service hours, a senior project and presentation, and 100 total hours of job shadowing throughout high school. In the past four years, I have learned quite a bit about different jobs.

I have learned that being a veterinarian is not always glamorous and full of fuzzy animals loving you. Sometimes, you need three people holding an animal still while you administer anesthetics so you can perform surgery.

I have learned that setting a grave marker in the rain is probably one of the heaviest jobs ever. Not just the marker itself – the emotional part of the job as well.

I have learned that teachers have one of the worst jobs on the planet. Kids are crazy and exhausting and it gets worse as time goes on.

I have learned that working in a sound room is fun and easy over all until you mess up. That’s when everyone turns around to look at you.

I have learned that doing your coach’s job is harder than you think, but far more fun that they’ll let you know.

I have learned that the stress the seven people running all of the dispatched rescue cars in Cabell County undergo is not something I want to be under, but it was interesting to watch.

I have learned that I can go to college, get a degree, apply for my dream job, and still end up working for sixteen dollars an hour at another job. I have learned that I can change my mind. I have learned that things can go wrong. I have learned that I can make mistakes. I have learned that even adults can get frustrated with their surroundings.

It is my personal belief that job shadowing for this program has taught me more than school could have ever done. I believe the job shadowing requirement should be reinstated in Cabell County for this reason.