CMHS Archery: How to Finish Off the Year


Mckenna Nixon, Reporter

It’s that time of year again! Spring sports are starting and the Cabell Midland Archery Team has officially moved from the barn to the auxiliary gym. Every year around March they have to move to the school to continue their season and better prepare themselves for the State tournament and Nationals.

The majority of the regular tournaments are over, there are 4 tournaments left for the season. These tournaments include Buckhannon-Upshur, Herbert Hoover, States, and Nationals.  These few tournaments are our last chance to get our scores up to place at States and Nationals. Every tournament that we have participated in so far against Buckhannon-Upshur we have placed in second behind them by 10-20 points.

This team has constantly progressed throughout the year and have hit last years team personal best at every tournament this year. If we continue to shoot better and treat each other like a team then they will work well together and take first place with ease. The more they work together the better it is for the team, rather than fighting for first place.

This year has been a wonderful year for the seniors, including me, to finish the season off well and ready to move onto the real world after graduation.