The Simpson Predictions


Jeffrey Jezewski, Reporter

The Simpson is a cartoon show that stared in 1986 and has 30 season of funny jokes and oddly enough predictions of the future.  The Simpson 19 times have predicted what would happen in the future. Here are some examples, 19 years ago the Simpson predicted that Donald Trump would become president of the United States. In Season 2 episode 4 Bart catches a three-eyed fish named Blinky in the river by the power plant, which makes local headlines. more than a decade later, a three-eyed fish was discovered in a reservoir in Argentina. Even the fish itself was fed by water from a nuclear power plant. In season 6 episode 8 School bullies Kearny and Dolph get a text to beat up Martin on a phone in an episode of The Simpson that aired in 1994. The text gets quickly translated to eat up Martha an early foreshadowing of autocorrect frustrations. The Creator of the Simpsons, Matt Groening in my opinion is a time traveler of some sort knowing all these things. This incredibly predictions and funny show has made this show one of the greatest of all time.