Phlebotomy night

Amber Mount

In my clinicals program we get the chance to get our phlebotomy license at the end of the year. To do that we have to get 50 successful sticks on people and log them on our certification paper. We have a class of 17 people so we had 3 afterschool family and friend phlebotomy nights that lasted from 5-8 where we had people come in to volunteer to get stuck. On the fist night we had over 90 people show up. It was a huge success. On the second night we had about 80 people show up over the hours. On our last night we didn’t have as many people because most of us had already gotten all of our sticks in. We also had people coming in almost daily during shield and first over the past few weeks. I am so proud of all of our class for getting our sticks in. I still remember how scared we were on our first day of sticking someone. Its bittersweet that all of our phlebotomy nights are over.