Being Best Friends with Madison Price

Amber Mount, Reporter

Madison Brooke Price is by far one of the most interesting people I have ever (and will probably ever) meet. In this story I’m going to take you through a day with her.

At 8:00 in the morning, I come to class to see her drinking her first monster of the day (which she drinks daily). I then get the honor of sitting right next to her for all of our clinicals class. This ethier goes 1 of 2 ways, She will either be extremely happy to see me, or not so happy and she will exchange a few choice words with me that I will not say because this is a school website, but I am sure you can imagine.

We then go to see Ms.Hayes during 4th mod. She is a very happy teacher and it’s very hard to make her mad. Lucky for me maddy can do it in the first minute of walking in her class. This is also a prime time for Maddy’s very first mental breakdown of the day. Now, usually the number of mental breakdowns she has ranges from 2-5 depending on the amount of work she has and how dramatic she is feeling that day. Once we leave that class we go to Desmond’s class. Now this is my personal favorite part of the day. Her and Desmond have a very strong love-hate relationship. Usually the day goes with her being yelled at a few times and her yelling back. (I think she is making his hair turn grey twice as fast as it should.)

Lastly, we go to Mr.Wood’s class where usually she is asleep or once again getting yelled at to be quiet. Now you might be wondering what my job is in her life. I feel like it is my duty to keep her under control as much as possible and help her with her mental breakdowns throughout the day. This is a full time job and I don’t get much time to myself because of her abandonment issues. Seriously, I feel like I should be getting an award for this or something. Wish me luck.