Hayday All Day

Maddie Ayers, Reporter

The senior class has a new obsession! The game “Hayday” is being played all day every day and the neighborhood of “Jimmyville” is bumpin’. The game consists of farm animals, crops, and machines that must all be maintained by the player. Boat orders, truck orders, and selling on your road side shop is where the money is made and the xp is collected; but the neighborhood derby is where the real fun lies!! Together the farmers unite to compete against other neighborhoods in the weekly derby, we complete tasks to earn points!!

Newbies interested in joining the fun can learn from the best, Greg. He is everyone’s neighbor and loves to teach all new farmers the ropes.  Simply download the app, start up the game and Greg will assist you until you’re on your feet!!

“Hayday is my life. I live to feed my pigs.” – Caitlin Leedy, senior and fellow farmer here at the castle.

It is an obsession but it’s not unhealthy, it teaches farmers to grow crops, care for animals, trade and sell goods-life lessons really. Derby on!