My ACT Dilemma

Maddie Ayers, Reporter

So this is my story. I started my treacherous ACT story the spring of sophomore year and it is the spring of my senior year now and my score still has not hit promise.. Let me explain why and hopefully you will not make my same mistake.

In order to qualify for the PROMISE scholarship, students must have a 22 composite but a 20 in all categories, and that’s where they get ya. A 22 composite is no sweat, I’ve always had that, but a 20 in Math; that is my weakness. After 5 ACT attempts, and, admittedly, no studying, I still had a 19 in math.

A 24/25 in everything else, but a 19 in math EVERY SINGLE TIME. My thought here was that eventually I would get lucky and score the 20, but those tests are creepily accurate. So, on this last exam I did study, I’m clearly getting desperate, and I scored a 24 in math after only a few hours with an ACT math book open.

YAY! Finally she got PROMISE! Her parents will be so proud!

Haha the joke’s on you


Well I spent too much time focusing on math and neglected the science.

This story is yet to have a happy ending.

I am taking the SAT and ACT both in the next few weeks and am studying nightly for EVERY subject. Wish me luck!