The World is Not Ending Soon

Jeffrey Jezewski, Reporter

Many people say that the world is coming to a end, but is it really? Yes, climate change plays a very big role when we come to talk about our planet finally giving out, but it is that close?

Climate scientists, biologists, engineers and others with expertise have been speaking and writing about our changing planet for a long time. How can we work and focused on how we’ll figure out a way to come to terms with billions more people, limited resources and more burning of coal and fossil fuels. Droughts will be worse. Floods more severe. Storms increasingly intense.

But scientists are already developing new ways to produce food in hotter, drier and wetter climates. The energy landscape has been rapidly transitioning and new technologies now allow us to be more efficient with water, waste less in agriculture and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. New plant-based meat and cell-cultured meat are ways we are already working on it.

Earth isn’t ending soon. It didn’t end when the Mayan calendar predicted the collapse of civilization in 2012. Earth will be ok for at least another few billion years. If we continue to do what we do now though that can affect our future Earth.