Fast Food Proves Unhealthy


Pizza, along with many other fast foods, is packed full of fats, carbs and sugar.

Shelly French, Staff Reporter

At every street corner there seems to be a different fast food chain, and a long line of people getting food. Why is it so popular?
“Most times when I need something to eat it has to be fast,” said senior Jimmy Smith. “I’m always on the go, but when I’m hungry there’s nothing else fast enough to eat other than a fast food place. It’s even in their name.”
According to Medical News Today, even though it’s fast, most fast food chains give you five days’ worth of saturated fat intake in just one serving.
“I try to avoid fast food restaurants because it’s really unhealthy,” said sophomore Alyssa Long. “I’m an athlete, and usually when people come and play a game right after they eat, they are slow and tired. I can’t afford that.”
Some restaurants have a healthy menu on their list to fulfill the wishes of healthier eaters.
“There are some restaurant I like to eat at that have healthy food,” said Smith. “Subway, Panera and Burger King are just some that I can think of off the top of my head.”
Even though there are some healthy listings, there have been recent movies or TV shows that have turned students off of fast food.
“We watched this documentary called ‘Food, Inc.’ and it showed us what fast food chains do to the animals before we eat them,” said freshman Haleigh Kuhn. “It was absolutely awful what they do to them.”
In 2004, a man born in West Virginia made a documentary about his diet of just eating McDonald’s for one month, which had bad consequences on him in the end.
“When I saw the movie ‘Super Size Me’ in my health class, I was immediately disgusted,” said junior Kayley Stevens. “I tried to stay away from fast food after that, but every now and then when I’m in a hurry, I’ll grab something small.”
There could be many reasons for why people still get fast food even though it’s unhealthy, but according to Smith, there’s really only two main reasons.
“They’re fast, and they taste good,” said Smith. “It’s as simple as that.”