Life Updates with Mads: March Edition

Maddy Price, Reporter

March is only four days in and I’m living my best life. Just kidding, the struggle bus is real and by that I mean I’m the opposite of thriving. I have never had this much work piled on me in my life. For instance, this week I have an annotated bibliography to do along with scholarships essay I have no inspiration to write for. But homegirl is poor and in need for some cash.

Also speaking of college, I have changed my plans yet again back to nursing. I’m so indecisive at this point it is killing me and I just wish I could see into the future to stop all this. One good thing about this month is that I’m getting my long awaited lip injections that I’m so excited for! I just can’t wait to come back from school and show my newly plumped lips off. Honestly, I’m just ready to graduate and say goodbye to Midland. Graduation caps is another thing to stress about along with what color dress I will wear. I’m thinking white will go good with my skin tone but let me know in the comments!