My Bachelor Prediction

Maddy Price, Repoter

Peter got Kelley pregnant.

In the Bachelor preview it shows Peter really distraught and his mother crying to “bring her home to us.”  No mom is going to say that to any random girl that their son met just a month ago on the show. Peter’s mom, just like anyone else, would want the relationship to work out so badly because a child is involved and wants the baby mama close to stay close with the family. The reason it could be Kelley is because she already spent a lot of time off the show with Peter which leads people to speculate that she could be carrying Peter’s child. Right before the final rose ceremony, Peter hears the news and that’s why he gets so overly emotional knowing he has to break it off with his true love Madison. Which makes sense why he is apologizing to a brown headed girl (Madison) that he can’t marry her. To top it all off Kelley’s Instagram feed gives it all away. She hides her stomach in all of her pictures and looks more on the bloated side. Also, why was Kelley not in the Women’s Tell All? Is it because producers have something else bigger plan to reveal and that she is hiding a bump? I guess only the Bachelor Gods can tell us what we all have been waiting for and who is given that final rose?