Best Netflix Drama Shows

Amber Mount, Reporter

Netflix is a huge part of my life because of all of the addicting shows on it. My favorite types of tv shows are filled with drama. My number one favorite show right now is Criminal Minds. This show is about a group of FBI agents who track down serial killers and learn what they did. Every episode is a new serial killer in a new location and the ways they kill people is interesting to see.

Another one of my top shows is The Vampire Diaries. This show is about two vampire brothers that move into a small town and it tell the story of their life. The cast is amazing and they are all very good looking.

Another good show is a newer show called You. Most people know about this show because it is very popular. It’s based on a stalker that is in love with a girl and he stalks her life and everything she does. That’s just some of the few shows I have watched and loved. I highly recommend you watch them if you love drama.