Senior Summer

Amber Mount, Reporter

Senior summer is the one and only thing getting me through this last year of high school. I plan on going on a couple different trips throughout the summer with different people. My parents want to go on a cruise or go to Destin, Florida. I then am going to go to Myrtle with my best friend for a couple weeks which I am so excited for.

My aunt wants to go somewhere as well because she loves to travel. We haven’t decided where, though. I hope to also be able to go back to Kings’ Island with a group of friends to ride the brand new roller coaster they are putting in now. What I am most excited for though is going back to Universal and Disney in the fall. I am not going to go in this summer because of how hot and packed it will be. Disney and Universal are by far my favorite places to travel to. I love the environment and all of the different attractions. I can’t wait to be able to graduate and go to all of these different destinations.