Mike Bloomberg Drops Out


Dylan Maynard, reporter

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg suspended his presidential campaign on Wednesday after spending record amounts of his own fortune on an ad strategy that failed to win any Super Tuesday victory beyond a single victory in the committees of American Samoa. He immediately announced that he would support Joe Biden following in the footsteps of other moderate Democratic presidential candidates who are also supporting the former vice president in his main fight against Bernie Sanders. Bloomberg finished well on Super Tuesday, despite spending more than half a billion of his own fortune on his 2020 bid, centered on a strategy of skipping the first major stories in favor of Super Tuesday. To put your investment in perspective, you spent close to American Samoa’s GDP to win this contest, and only that contest. In supporting the former vice president, Bloomberg also said “I have known Joe for a long time. I know his decency, his honesty and his commitment to issues that are so important to our country, including firearms security, health care, changes and good jobs “. President Trump, who has been relentless in mocking Bloomberg for everything from his height to his performances in the debate, has issued his thorny comments about the race once again after Bloomberg has retired.