Halo on PC


Dylan Maynard, reporter

Halo: Combat Evolved is on PC. Again. Unlike its original release back in 2003, this new release has the fancy campaign graphics of the 2011 Xbox Anniversary remake, along with multiplayer matchmaking and other perks of the Master Chief Collection, like being available on Steam. Developer 343 did a surprise launch today with no lead-up announcement, though there was a hint that Combat Evolved might be coming soon.

Three months, with a holiday break in the middle, feels like a speedy turnaround for a new PC port. The whole collection was in development throughout 2019, but it’s encouraging that Halo: CE didn’t need a ton of beta testing. 343 Industries ran a couple beta “flights” in January and February, and we’ll have the full thing in our hands soon.

On Steam, you can buy the whole Master Chief Collection for $40, or you can buy individual games for $10 apiece. This version of Halo: Combat Evolved has an unlocked framerate, FOV options, and supports high resolutions like 4K.