St. Patrick’s Day

Rachael Oxley, Journalist

Every year we go through the same holidays and traditions as last, yet I feel like one is overlooked. St. Patrick’s Day is coming up on March 17. Remember to wear some sort of green or a small act of physical assault is warranted. Pinching. So be careful.

Alright so I have something else to talk about. Ya know when we were little and in preschool our teachers would make us find a leprechaun or something. Well I’m not sure if that’s the reason but when I’ve talked to people about St. Patrick’s day before I used “Leprechaun Day.” I’m not sure why and everyone thinks I’m insane for saying that so there’s my little rant.

Alright let’s get on to why St. Patrick’s day started. Even though today it is largely commercially driven, it really does have a meaning. St. Patrick was one of the patron saints of Ireland. He was said to have died on March 17 around the year 493.  He originated from Britain but was kidnapped at around 17 by Irish raiders and used as a slave. He then unexpectedly returned and was heavily involved in a Catholic Church. Then he went back to Ireland to work as a missionary and convert the people who took him to the Christian belief. He was apparently very successful and established churches, monasteries, and schools.

So that is why on March 17 people dress in green, drink alcoholic beverages, pinch people, and look for a small, wealthy, mystical creature at the end of the rainbow.