How to Keep on Track with your Grades

Danielle Hughes, staff reporter

I know you’ve probably heard a million tips but its easy if you stick to it.

  1. First, identify the issue. What is keeping you from doing it? Could be friends, social media, gaming, sleeping, procrastinating or just not wanting to do it. For me it is procrastinating, gaming and social media. I am at school and I am thinking, “I’m going to get all my work, do it at home tonight and wont stop till I get finished.” Then I get home and I see my ps4 or I start scrolling through social media, looking at memes or watching tik toks and I say, “just a couple minutes on fallout,” or ,”just a few more tik toks then I will work.” Well I lose track of time and I look at the time, its time for bed and I am exhausted. I say ill do it tomorrow.
  2. Just do it. I know it sounds so simple and stupid but its true. Just sit your bookbag down and start doing it. Once I get started I get it finished fairly quickly and then I still have a lot of time to play games or scroll through social media.
  3. I organize the papers, I put them in different piles and put the ones I know I’ll be able to finish soon or the ones that are easier for me I do first.
  4. It helps if I listen to music while I do it so I’m not as bored and I still have my phone beside me, if I am texting someone ill answer a problem or two depending how long they are then I respond if they’re a fast texter.