Senior Fail Letters

Senior Fail Letters

Morgan Nelson, Reporter

Every year there are some seniors that don’t graduate due to them not trying in school/classes anymore but some schools have found a semi-working initiative by sending out letters to their parents and guardians whenever they don’t turn an assignment in on time or have missing work.

“I don’t really care about them because I only have like three classes to actually pass.” Said Senior Brianna Toler. “Since you brought that up I think that I need to check my grades to make sure I’m good in those classes.”

“They are a good way to better encourage someone to do better in school and their classes but I don’t think that they should send them out every time they miss an assignment because they might have been absent or running errands for theirselves or others or working on class work in another class.” Said Toler.

This seems like a very good reason to have and or to not have these senior fail letters sent out every time there is an assignment that one may have accidentally missed but if you are one who is known for not doing your work then they should send them out every time you or someone like you don’t do something or turn something in.