Cute Valentines Projects

Danielle Hughes, staff reporter

If you’re bored around Valentine’s Day and you’re looking for something to do there’s a lot of quick, easy and fun stuff you can make.

  1. This one is for if you have younger siblings and you want to do something with them or just need to keep them entertained, it is called a Valentine’s Day countdown, you simply cut out 14 little hearts big enough to write on and let them color the front how they like or decorate it if you are using colored paper then on the back have them write cute messages on them or small projects they could do that day like make a homemade card for someone or they could just write one thing they love about someone on it. You could put them on straws or sticks and put them in a jar for cute decorations too.
  2. This one is for the people who like sewing, handmade heart pillows. You get material you have or stuff you no longer use that still in good shape or just go out and buy some material. Cut out a couple inches or an inch bigger than what you want the heart to be depending on how big you want your heart to be. Sew around the edges but leave a hole in the top, you could fill this hole with cotton balls, soft material, feathers, whatever you want. Finish sewing it once its filled to the amount you want in it and if you want to decorate it you could use fabric markers or sew some stuff on it. Could use as decoration or to give to someone you care about.