Morgan Nelson, Reporter

Every year there are thousands of seniors all around the world that look forward to graduating high school and starting their own lives, but some don’t necessarily want to graduate and go off on their own and start their lives.

“I am definitely looking forward to graduating and moving on in life because I absolutely hate high school and everything in and of it,” said senior Brianna Toler. “I really care about walking across the stage in front of all of the people that are going to be there to watch their friends and family walk across the stage too.”

”I’m not a hundred percent certain of what exactly I want to do or be whenever I graduate but I was thinking of taking maybe a gap year to figure all of that out,” said Toler. “I could work at different places and research different professions that I could go into to really get a feel of the different professions and what it’s going to be like and what I’ll like to go into.”

There are still many people who have no idea what they are going to go into but that’s ok maybe take a gap year and figure that out.