Valentine’s Day Treats

Danielle Hughes, Reporter

If you are looking for tasty treats for Valentine’s Day or a fun and edible project, look no further. Here are some cute things you can make for someone, yourself or just to fill up time.

1. You Da Bomb Candy Valentine

For this you will need red paper, either Rolo candy or small candy pieces and either black licorice or something black like a pipe cleaner. If you are using Rolos, then just wrap the construction paper around three packs of Rolo’s. Then either wrap a rubber band around the three or use the pipe cleaner and tie them together then stick a piece of it in the middle to make it look like a bomb. If you are not using Rolo’s, just roll a piece of the red paper into a tube-like circle and put the small pieces of candy inside of it.

2. Valentine’s Day Oreo Pops

You will need sticks, a blender, at least one pack of Oreos, candy melt of your choice and sprinkles if you want. First put the Oreos in the blender until they are like a paste, then get them out, pour into a bowl, grab a small amount and make it into a ball. Then put a stick in the middle, melt the candy melt and pour into a bowl, dip the Oreos in it until covered, put some sprinkles on it if you want and put them on a plate then put into the freezer till frozen, when they are finished take them out and enjoy.